Managing Liquidity Challenges in 2020

Preserving liquidity is likely top-of-mind for many businesses around the world, as the impacts of COVID-19 continue. As you will know from our last event, we believe that the retention and hiring of new employees are essential to a company’s growth, which can be a challenge during these unprecedented times. In this webinar, hosted by TMF Group, we provide solutions to these challenges without impacting your company’s liquidity/cash flow position.

We are partnering with TMF Group for this webinar and discussed the following topics:

  • Current cash flow management challenges businesses are facing
  • Rewarding performance and improving employee retention
  • Locating and attracting high-quality, passive talent to enable growth

Our speakers for this webinar:

  • Chris Danks – and Founder of Launch Global
  • Jessica Nunes – Director Consultancy Solutions, TMF Group
  • Bethell Codrington – Global Head Employee Benefits, TMF Group
  • Simon Dutton – Global Operations Manager, TMF Group

Take a look at the video below and we would love your feedback!

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