Global New Age Recruitment

We have a track record of successfully hiring the very best
'A player' talent in the market.

Hiring A player candidates is becoming increasingly difficult, as I am sure you may know. We identify the best candidates in the market using a unique blend of data mining tools, AI, bots and sourcing expertise to identify and attract the best talent.

Our process enables us to understand how to encourage them to enter a dialogue about your positions at a time where they will likely be inundated with approaches.

Leveraging our new age recruitment process, we have a strong focus on making every touchpoint enjoyable, engaging and exciting for the candidate which increases the interest from A player candidates before they enter your recruiting process.

Take a look at our new age recruitment process below to see how we do things differently when it comes to finding, attracting and hiring the very best talent available in each locality.

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  • 80%

    of candidates say a positive or negative candidate experience can change their perception about a role or company.

  • 72%

    of candidates who have a negative experience within the recruitment process will share via social media or personal networks.

  • 60%

    of candidates will abandon a complex assessment process. This also impacts their perception of your brand and the open role.

What are the benefits of recruiting through Launch Global?

  • Higher Quality Candidates

    We engage, attract and build interest from the highest quality candidates throughout the process, meaning only the best candidates enter the process.

  • Reduced Wasted Time

    We reduce wasted time internally by using our proven process. You can hand-pick the candidates you interview, all driven by data and insights.

  • Technology & Data-Driven

    We are innovating the recruitment industry by using the latest recruitment tech including Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Automation, Gamification and Video to run successful hiring campaigns.

  • Personality Psychometrics

    Our video and gamification processes allow you to make data driven decisions based on data analysing professional skills, personality and cultural fit.

  • Reduced Leaver Rate

    A poor recruitment process can lead to poor hiring decisions affecting employee tenure, and ultimately your bottom line. Our process balances rigor and efficiency to ensure reduced leaver rates long term.

  • Full End-to-End Solution

    Our recruitment process is designed to facilitate the full life-cycle of hiring. We act as true partners from job briefing stage, right the way through to onboarding, payroll and employment contract management.

Our New Age Recruitment Process

Our candidate focused recruitment process ensures that we find the best quality candidates on the market and we approach them with marketing-led communications that stand out from the rest. The highest quality candidates are inundated with recruitment approaches and our method is proven to stand out from the crowd. Our process ensures the candidate is engaged, natured and excited about your opportunity throughout the full process to ensure maximum results.

Take a look at a brief summary of some elements in our process:

Stage 1

Sourcing & Attraction

  • AI, bot and data led sourcing
  • New age marketing outreach
  • Targeted video outreach
  • Employment branding
  • Custom Search Engines
  • Talent pooling
Stage 2

Hiring Experience

  • Gamification psychometrics
  • Engaging assessments
  • In-depth prescreening
  • Video Automation
  • Client interview guidance
  • Offer and hire management
Stage 3

Onboarding Experience

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Onboarding
  • Closing the offer & contract management
  • Payroll facilitation
  • Candidate start
  • Keep in touch campaigns