The Top Expansion Challenges

Recruitment Challenges

Top talent at all seniority levels across a majority of industries can pick and choose their next role. It's vital we ensure they take your opportunity over others, then, retaining them long term.

Here are some of the most common challenges related to finding, attracting and retaining the best talent on the market whilst expanding your business:

  • Leadership spend way too much time managing recruitment processes instead of focusing on their strengths.

  • Businesses are struggling to secure the highest quality candidates against competitor offers.

  • Retaining the best people within the business and reducing high leaver rates.

  • Hiring in new geographies with no prior experience or cultural expert

Market Entry Challenges

Creating a strong presence or scaling up in a new geographical territory depends on overcoming a number of challenges.

Here are the most common challenges that arise whilst expanding your business to a new territory:

  • Developing a comprehensive market entry strategy with no experience in the new geography.

  • Hidden legal and commercial hurdles.

  • Increasing market presence from a commercial and employment branding perspective.

  • Complications around setting up HR and Payroll processes in new countries.

Marketing & Lead Gen Challenges

Marketing your product or services in new territories can be difficult due to market conditions, cultural differences and geography specific regulation and laws.

Here are the most common marketing challenges that businesses face whilst expanding:

  • Difficulty marketing services or products in new territories.

  • Ineffective branding covering product/service and employer attractiveness.

  • Lack of high quality inbound leads and your cost per lead is too high.

  • Lack of localized collateral for customers or candidates in new markets.

Sales Performance Challenges

Businesses often face issues when it comes to sales effectiveness and capability. These problems are normal and completely fixable throughout any business.

Here are the common sales performances challenges we are faced with:

  • Sales teams and employees being ineffective.

  • Complicated, complex and disjointed sales processes.

  • Lack of expert sales tools and training to aid success.

  • Disjointed dynamic between sales and other departments in the business.