Recruitment Success Story:
Capsa Healthcare

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  • 30 Jun 2020
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  • by Ben Brook

Not only did they do the job but they did it in the right window of time and more importantly spotted a candidate who was exactly the type of addition we were expecting for this position. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in hiring efficiencies, to try Launch Global!
Karim Benazzouz, Vice President and General Manager at Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare is a leading provider of medical carts, computer carts, work stations & prescription tablet counters. Capsa Healthcare is on a growth trajectory globally and has a new focus on the APAC market. They came across challenges and difficulties recruiting in the Australian market and made contact with Launch Global to assist.

Capsa Healthcare was looking to hire their “first person on the ground”,  a senior Regional Sales Manager to help drive growth across Australia and the Asia Pacific territory. The ideal candidate had to have extensive experience within Capsa Healthcare’s product niche and a strong network within specific medical distribution channels across within Australia and APAC. This was an assignment with a small pool of suitable candidates Globally, and even smaller when focusing on the East Coast of Australia.

What were Capsa’s challenges?

Capsa Healthcare had engaged other agencies before working with Launch Global and were having difficulties locating and attracting a minuscule amount of passive, in-demand candidates that had proven sales experience of a very specific product. We were confident that our processes, tools and team could deliver the highest quality candidates possible and exceed Capsa Healthcare’s expectations.

Here are some of the challenges:

  • Identifying local candidates with specific product sales experience
  • Difficulties attracting highly-passive, in-demand candidates who were interesting in moving roles
  • Engaging with candidates in a buoyant Healthcare market, during COVID19
  • Identifying local candidates with a network of distributors outside of Australia

Locating a unicorn?

We initially took an in-depth brief where our team interviewed the main stakeholders to understand the different areas of the business – we aim to embed our team in the company and product. We also wanted to understand, at a deeper level, what each hiring manager is looking for, helping us build an ideal candidate profile. This profile is used as a benchmark which allows us to gain a consensus on candidate traits, experience, skills, personality, and motivations.

We needed to focus on locating candidates with experience and expertise in not only the geographical market, but also the medical technology industry,  the specific product niche, and engage with candidates who were doing a similar role at a competitor, who had a strong network within both distributors and hospitals across Australia and APAC. Due to the deep understanding, we gained about the product and their competitors we were able to identify five suitable candidates and submit three, two of which were from CAPSA’s direct competitors.

How we found the candidate?

Finding the candidates is not usually the most complex stage, however, this role was a little more difficult due to the specific requirements lessening the number of candidates suitable.

We used a plethora of different tools and communities such as Meetup, Sales Associations & Networking Groups for MedTech communities, Quora, LinkedIn, and social media to name a few. We used these tools to locate and longlist potential candidates. Using publicly available data, we managed to deep profile each of the longlisted candidates, hyper personalise our approaches based on factors such as their experience, interests, hobbies, authored content (articles, video, questions answered), leading to a higher response rate and interest.

We used a mix of personality profiling, bespoke one-to-one video approaches and targeted animation to grab the attention of these candidates, which enabled us to have conversations with four out of the five of the targeted candidates.

What were the outcomes?

Having gained such an in-depth knowledge of the business, the role and the Australia and APAC growth strategy that CAPSA was going to be adopting, we were really capable of selling the opportunity, and securing the candidate’s buy-in and interest. In addition, there was a very strong focus on the relationship built with the candidate from both CAPSA Healthcare and Launch Global, resulting in an efficient, thorough and transparent process, all the way through to contract signage.

The onboarding process ran seamlessly, due to our close work with our HR Outsourcing partners Iris Consulting. Our partnership meant that the recruitment and hiring process was perfectly intertwined with payroll, contracts and geography-specific legality challenges, resulting in a flawless process.

Capsa Healthcare Feedback

“We started interacting with Launch Global about the hiring of a Regional Sales Manager in Australia, being a team based in France and the US. We decided to trust them thanks to their proximity with Iris Global HR, the company that is managing our international employment contract … and the result was way above our expectations. In less than 2 months they managed to identify multiple candidates, re-adjust quickly based on our feedback and finally spot the perfect candidate that could not match better the brief that we had shared with them. From a personal standpoint, it was also a real pleasure to work with Chris and Lucy who both were extremely effective reporting weekly on their progress. Not only did they do the job but they did it in the right window of time and more importantly spotted a candidate who is exactly the type of addition we were expecting for this position. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in hiring efficiencies, to try Launch Global!”

Karim Benazzouz, Vice President and General Manager at Capsa Healthcare

“It is a pleasure to work with the Launch Global team for Capsa Healthcare’s international recruitment efforts. Lucy and Chris were the ultimate professionals, stayed in close communications and quickly helped our organization land an amazing candidate who has become a formal team member. We appreciate the partnership and the team’s dedicated efforts to help Capsa realize its recruitment goal in a difficult market. In addition, the transition to realize Capsa’s HR needs through the partnership with Iris Global HR Solutions was seamless to support our employment agreement and in-country payroll set-up needs. It is comforting to know that Iris and Launch Global are an extension of our International HR team and we can rely upon their professional guidance and services.”

Katrina Mollenkopf, Human Resources Director at Capsa Healthcare

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