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How can Launch Global help?

We are experts in delivering a wide range of marketing-led services. Whether you are looking to improve your business’s online reputation, generate more inbound leads or even run email campaign to promote a product or service – our experts can help. We target our marketing-led services against KPI’s, and our focus is the same as yours – driving results.

Do you have a campaign that you would like to start? Do you have a service you wish to market to a new geography? Whatever your circumstance, speak to one of our team who can advise on the best approach to take and offer some insight into how we can help maximise your businesses chances of success.

Take a look below at our most utilized services:

Employment Branding

We help your business to understand potential problems with your current employment brand, and we use our years of insight and experience to implement improvements to drive better candidate engagement.

Reputation Management

One of the first things a candidate will do is research your company online and make an assumption based on reviews online. Our aim is to repair or improve your online reputation from a candidate’s perspective, again maximizing your ability to hire the best.

Lead Generation

Driving high quality, consistent leads into your business is a difficult task. We use the latest digital marketing techniques and technology to drive highly targeted leads consistently into your sales funnel.

Product Marketing

We help your business to understand potential problems with your current employment brand, and we use our years of insight and experience to implement improvements to drive better candidate engagement.

Document Localization

Whether you have marketing or sales collateral, it is more than likely not fit for purpose globally. Localized sales and marketing collateral performs much better and gives your team the tools that enable them to sell effectively.

Website Design

We provide best in class website design, proven to help increase conversions. We focus on improving design and building a smarter structure that’s scientifically proven generate high visitor numbers, engagement and ultimately interest in your website and business.

Create an employment brand that attracts the best talent globally.

Put simply, in many skilled areas there are now far more jobs than there are qualified people on a global bases. In a world of high-quality, attracting them is a science.

We understand that employment branding and business reputation will help candidates make crucial employment decisions. The perception you create is often the difference between hiring the best people, and average people.

Our customised employment brand consulting helps you build your employment brand, enabling you to gain a significant edge over your competitors in today’s war for talent.

Do you need to refresh your employment branding or improve your business reputation?

Get in touch, and our team will generate a free employment branding and reputation report, which creates priceless insights for your business.

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of candidates say a positive or negative candidate experience can change their perception about a role or company.
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of candidates who have a negative experience within the recruitment process will share via social media or personal networks.
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of candidates will abandon a complex assessment process. This also impacts their perception of your brand and the open role.

Increase quality inbound leads with results-driven, marketing with our lead generation methodology.

Driving new leads into your business is particularly important when growing your business in a new geography. The volume of leads you create is important as well as the quality of leads. It is also key to be able to create a high return on investment, work smart and reduce your lead generation spend at the same time.

We work with our clients to not only define their marketing lead, inbound lead generation strategy but to implement it alongside them. Our team of experts have detailed insights from experience helping you to go to market in no time and start driving new opportunity.

Do you need to drive consistent, high-quality inbound leads into your sales team?

Get in touch with our lead generation team to see how we can increase your inbound sales leads with our proven, results-focused lead generation engine.

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We have helped many industry leaders expand their businesses globally, in turn, increasing their revenue using proven new age technology and result-driven methods.

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Do you have expansion plans? We can help you hire the highest quality people, reduce wasted time and attrition, all whilst increasing your revenue.